Switzer Auto Repair is proud of the people that serve you and your vehicles. 

Larry Switzer

Owner and president of Switzer Auto Repair and Body Shop Inc. Larry has been married to his wife Annette for 25 years, and has one child.  Since a young age, he was tearing things apart and putting them back together.  Larry started out painting cars in a garage he built with little money and hardly no overhead.  He then went on to work for Ziebart doing miscellaneous things like tinting windows, installing running boards, and detailing cars.  In 1988 Larry kind of fell upon a job, working for Taylor Automotive and went on to work there and basically raise his family for 15 years.  He then decided to go into business for himself and now has became a familiar name in the two-state area.

Annette Switzer


Wife of Larry and Secretary of Switzer Auto Repair and Body Shop Inc.  Annette takes care of all the bills, phone calls, and paperwork that goes on at the shop.  She also has to put up with Larry and Chris all day, which is enough by itself!

Adam Edington


Adam is the Shop Manager and has been with Larry for 17 years.  He is married to Sherry Edington and they have two wonderful children.  Larry and Adam have become really good friends and are great when they are working together. If Larry can’t fix something you can trust Adam will be there lending a hand or helping to solve the problem.  Adam is an all around great mechanic, especially in solving all your electrical problems and any other kind of problem that your vehicle can cause you.

Chris Morris


Chris has been with Larry and the crew for three years. He has been with his girlfriend Jerry for 9 years and they have a young man, Blaine at the age of three.  Chris is a good young man with a good and bright future ahead of him. He does anything and everything for Larry and does anything he is asked to do.  We look forward to having Chris around for many more years.

Chris Switzer


The son of Annette and Larry.  Chris Is a full-time employee and a full-time college student at Ivy Tech Community College.  He works on both sides of the shop doing body work and mechanical work.  Larry expects a lot out of him and is teaching Chris the business and all the things that go along with it.  Chris is a really talented artist and has found that painting is what he really likes.  He does the frame pulling, body work and painting that goes on at Switzer Body Shop with close supervision of Larry.  Chris has just got a new airbrush kit and is learning the ropes of airbrushing, so maybe a little custom work possibly coming soon?